tips for identifying and repairing home hail damage
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tips for identifying and repairing home hail damage

I never knew the extent of damage that hail could cause to a home. Of course, I realized that windows could break, but I never imagined my roof getting damaged, the siding getting destroyed and the gutters nearly being taken off the side of the house. After our neighborhood was hit by a storm that included golf-ball sized hail, I quickly learned how devastating those little ice-balls can be. If you are going through the same repairs and clean-up efforts, visit my blog. My blog includes tips that can help you identify hail damage and learn what to do to repair it.

tips for identifying and repairing home hail damage

  • Water Damage Restorations And Preventing Damage From Getting Worse When Doing Repairs

    21 November 2019

    If you are dealing with a water damage problem in your home, you want to keep the damage contained and prevent it from spreading to other areas. Therefore, it is important to get started cleaning early, contain the water to the affected area, and take measures to prevent problems like mold growth that can show up after repairs are done. The following tips will help you quickly get control of water problems and prevent damage from getting worse when you are having repairs done.

  • What Are Foreclosure Clean-Out Services?

    15 March 2019

    There are many times when people lose their homes to foreclosure, and many of the people that go through this will be in a rush to get out of their homes. They may also be unhappy about moving out, and they might even be angry about it. Because of this, people who move out of foreclosed homes do not always clean their homes before leaving them, and this creates the need for foreclosure clean-out services.